Personal problems

Personal problems = opportunities for change

People do not go into therapy and counseling just because they have personal problems. We all have them from time to time. So why do people seek professional help? Because they have become demoralised in struggling with the same problem for far too long and not finding a way to solve it through their own efforts. They cannot see the way ahead, the way through the storm to the calm beyond.

In integrative therapy and counseling, ways are found. Motivated clients achieve lasting change on personal problems including:

Stress-related complaints

  • nervousness
  • sleeping problems
  • overtiredness or burnout
  • concentration and/or memory problems
  • uncontrollable or looping thoughts
  • work- or study-related problems

Psychosomatic complaints

  • undiagnosed physical complaints such as hyperventilation, headache, backache, stomach/intestinal complaints, etc.
  • sexual problems

Problematic behaviours

  • alcohol, tobacco and/or drug abuse
  • nail-biting or teeth-gnashing
  • eating problems
  • sub-assertiveness and shyness
  • involuntary blushing/sweating
  • perfectionism

Emotional problems

  • trauma (emotional damage)
  • problematic upbringing
  • neglect and/or abuse
  • bullying and/or ostracism
  • anxieties, including fear of failure
  • phobias
  • insecurity and low self-esteem
  • difficulty dealing with rejection/criticism
  • difficulty overcoming setbacks
  • guilt and/or shame
  • sadness and/or loneliness
  • loss and grief
  • dark moods and depression
  • loss of willpower
  • difficulty meeting challenges, including adapting to new situations
  • relationship problems
  • cross-cultural relationship problems
  • recurring conflicts
  • aggression
  • (domestic) violence

Personal development

  • for expats: living and working in NL
  • gaining insight into your personality and relationships
  • performance improvement
  • spiritual development
  • growing as a partner, parent and/or caregiver
  • stimulating creativity
  • life-phase problems
  • difficulty dealing with ageing
  • existential issues


  • personality disorders
  • dissociative disorders
  • psychosis
  • schizophrenia
  • severe or chronic addiction

Clients with such complaints will be referred to a psychiatrist or specialised psychotherapist.