Relationship therapy

Relationship therapy and counseling — for couples in crisis

“Relationships don’t cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness that is already in you.”
— Eckhart Tolle


“Couples choose each other with an unerring instinct for finding the very person who will exactly match their own level of unconscious anxieties and mirror their own dysfunctions, and who will trigger for them all their unresolved emotional pain.”
— Dr Gabor Maté 

It’s time for relationship therapy and counseling when you’ve lost that loving feeling: the safe connection, the warmth, intimacy and passion that used to make you both so happy. The distance between the two of you is growing; you don’t understand why and you can’t seem to stop it. Mutual criticism and contempt, defensiveness and stone-faced withdrawal are becoming increasingly common, driving you apart. Misunderstandings and conflicts, rather than being resolved, fester and escalate uncontrollably.

Maybe there’s someone else in the picture. Unfaithfulness and suspicion destroy the safety and trust that’s crucial to your connection.

You’re feeling increasingly lonely and desperate. Rather than making love, you’re making war — fighting with toxic words, or even physically. You see your partner closing down and withdrawing, changing into an inaccessible and unresponsive stranger. Or you are the one who withdraws. Either way, you feel increasingly alarmed: anxious, helpless and powerless to stop the rot.

It’s time to start talking in a way that restores the safe connection. To discover how, contact me now.

The relationship therapist

In the midst of a crisis, relationship therapy and counseling is essential. You need to confide in a third party who doesn’t take sides or judge you. Someone who understands and respects everything you and your partner say, do, think and feel — a warm, empathic, caring therapist who takes both partners’ feelings and concerns seriously, yet dares to confront you with what’s driving you apart.

My professional experience, support and guidance will enable the two of you to take a decision that you can stick to, that is sustainable and that is right for both of you — and for your children, if any. If you eventually decide that this relationship has no future, at least the two of you can separate in a way that minimises the damage and regrets.

Deciding to work on your problems together, by going into relationship therapy and counseling, is a great step in the right direction. With my feedback and guidance you come together to forge a new alliance, to build a more resilient and realistic relationship. I enable you to connect with and safely communicate your deepest feelings and unmet needs and thus break the dysfunctional patterns.